Welcome to Look Who Is Traveling. A Family traveling blog told from the eyes of our new Born, Emma.

The blog will share recommendations for sites, accommodation, food, and attractions that are baby/kids friendly.

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After a very static, but fascinated journey of 9 months, I arrived to this world on May 2017. I started to discover new things every day. I remember after a few days, I was finally able to open my eyes widely, and after that, the colors became clearer. I was so excited every time I was put in my stroller enjoying the sounds and smells of the outside world.

As the weeks went by, I understood what is traveling, and I got hooked immediately. It appears that my mom and dad are addicted to it. Oh yeah, I didn’t mention it before but my dad Raz and my awesome mother Orin are the ones that actually got the task of fulfilling every need or want that I have. Living in the center of Europe in Luxembourg is going to make things way easier. Taking all of that into account, I’m about to do just that.

Being a manipulative but still cute, my aim is to get them to take me to awesome places around the world, and then share the experience and learnings with you.

So I welcome you all to join me and look who is talking now!






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